Learning to Ski Indoors at Infinite SKI in Al Quoz

One Saturday afternoon, my friends and I had a great indoor adventure when we went to the newly opened indoor ski slope in Al Quoz. Infinite SKI is a new concept of indoor skiing on an endless slope where you can learn, train and have fun even while it’s the peak of summer season in Dubai. They have 2 state-of-the-art Maxxtracks indoor ski slopes that will help you develop your skills on skiing and snowboarding in a much quicker pace. In our case, since we were all beginners, we joined an introductory course.

I initially thought that this was a children’s activity that’s why I was a bit apprehensive when invited to experience this indoor adventure. However, it’s quite challenging yet fun. This activity is NOT just for kids!

infinite ski dubai

viewing the indoor ski slope from above

infinite ski slope

ski boards

Infinite SKI – Maxxtracks Indoor Ski Slopes – Endless Slope

As we were there early, Nessa, one of the staff, gave us a quick tour of the facilities included on their site. Aside from the slopes, they also have a cafe and a multipurpose hall. The hall can accommodate birthday parties and team meetings. So if you have a company event or a team building activity, you can experience it here.

Once our session was up, we started putting on our ski boots. As this was my first time to try skiing, I was adjusting a bit even while putting on the shoes. This was in fact, the most challenging part of the adventure. lol

infinite ski indoor ski dubai

boots, snowboards and other ski gear!

ski boots dubai

finally fit the boots in!

infinite ski boots dubai

geared up

The technology behind Infinite SKI’s Maxxtracks slopes is like 2 giant treadmills designed for ski boards/snow boards. Professional instructors will have control over the speed as well as the angle which will be dependent on your level of skill and experience.

As what we’ve learned, a 1-hour ski session here is equivalent to a 1 day experience in an actual ski slope. The reason is that you don’t have to keep climbing an actual snow in order to go back to a starting point. It’s more convenient as it cuts the time of gearing up, adjusting to the cold weather condition and climbing.

The trainers are manned by professionals who also love what they do. Each slope can accommodate 3-4 people and the trainers can change the speed and angle of the slope to suit the skills and age of every skier and snowboarder.

learning to ski in dubai


dubai ski training

learning to balance

All of us took turns in the 1-hour session. Most of it our time was spent by learning how to balance. There’s also a huge mirror in front of you so you can check your form and modify it accordingly.

While there is SKI Dubai for those who want to ski on ice, Infinite SKI is a great addition to learning to ski without wasting time. You don’t have to wear bulky snow clothes too! You can ski in shorts. It’s a nice experience especially this summer season when most of us prefer to be indoors.

infinite ski slope maxxtracks

listening to our instructor, Daniel

endless ski slope dubai

with instructor, Daniel

dubai infinite ski al quoz

beginner ski session while wearing shorts

Here’s a quick video showcasing the advanced skills of trainers, Daniel and Stefan:


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Cafe at Infinite SKI

Aside from the ski activity, they also have a cafe available for you to get some refreshments after your ski session. It’s also good especially for parents of children to enjoy a drink from their menu as they watch their kids train.

The cafe has a feel of a ‘cabin’ and even have a faux fireplace to help create a warm mood and enjoy their unique coffee options. One of my friends even mentioned that this was her first time to find a Vietnamese egg coffee in Dubai. For myself, I ordered Marocchino coffee.

cafe at infinite ski al quoz

cafe at Infinite SKI

cozy cabin feel at infinite ski

cabin feels

ski Maxxtracks dubai

faux fireplace and deer

infinite ski cafe

Book a Session at Infinite SKI!

Video: Infinite SKI Beginner Session

Below is a quick video and a summary of our skiing session:

Contact Information

Infinite SKI
Address: 123 – 26th Street, Al Quoz Ind 4, Dubai, U.A.E.
Contact Number: +971 4 235 3408
Website: www.infiniteski.com
Email: info@infiniteski.com

Instagram: @infinite_ski
Facebook: @infiniteski

Google Map Location

To guide in you towards Infinite SKI Dubai, please check out the map location below:

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