To the website owner of, please stop copying the content in my articles.

Even if you post a link to the source, I have not permitted you to use my pictures and texts in


If you may cover the same topics that I may publish, please write unique copies to avoid getting penalized by Google. Duplicate content is a big NO-NO. If this has been the case for successful websites, everybody would have copied and pasted content from each other by now.

I tried to search for your email address on your new website so I could reach out and message you privately but I could not find any contact details.

Just to show what content you have been copying, here are a few pages for your reference:

Original Article –
Copied Article –

Original Article –
Copied Article –

Original Article –
Copied Article –

I understand you want to create content for your page but copying and pasting articles is not the way to go.

But please delete all the posts from my blog in your website.

Just to suggest how you can do better, you can still link to the articles you source just to cite as examples, but you need to create your own article and write in your own style. The majority of the words should still be your own. And also DO NOT use my images as I did not allow you to use them.

You can also sign up for press releases so you can get content and news (with images) supplied to you.

If you have any concerns, or you have read this blog posts, please send me an email at

Once you delete the articles, I will delete this post.



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