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Flying a Boeing 737 via iPILOT’s Flight Simulator in Dubai Mall

We had a unique travel adventure flying a Boeing 737 plane via the iPilot Flight Simulator Center in The Dubai Mall. My wife and I visited...
dubai metro new year 2016

Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall Station Closed from 10pm on Dec...

Announcement to Dubai Metro Passengers during the New Year: the Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall metro station (red line) will be closed from 10pm...

Human Waterfalls in The Dubai Mall

From the imposing Dubai Dino to the electrifying Sega Republic, the Dubai Mall is a buzzing entertainment center teeming with mesmerizing spectacles and attractions....
dubai dino dubai mall

Dubai Dino: 155-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur in Dubai Mall

Taking center stage in Dubai’s flagship shopping and entertainment center, the Dubai Dino is a one-of-a-kind display that would give you a sneak peek...
places to visit dubai mall

7 Places to Visit in Dubai Mall Without Spending Money

The Dubai Mall is by far the ultimate entertainment, lifestyle and shopping destination in Dubai. With over 1,000 stores on display and a plethora...
bennigans burger dubai

The Big Irish Burger at Bennigan’s in Dubai Mall

We ate at the Bennigan’s restaurant in The Dubai Mall one evening. This is an American restaurant with an Irish pub theme which explains...