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Lucy Melts and Adrian John dubai

UAE Profiles: AJ and Lucy aka “Mr. & Mrs. Brunch”

Exhausted from privately typing down their brunch recommendations to their friends and family, AJ and Lucy, decided to pour their knowledge into a blog (then website) and called it Mr. and Mrs. Brunch. This is...
courtney brandt blogger a to zaatar

UAE Blogger: Courtney Brandt of A to Zaatar

A published author of 10 books (so far), Courtney Brandt, is the blogger behind A to Za'atar, where she shares unique culinary and hospitality experiences. Courtney has been in the UAE for 11 years and it's...
wander with nada dubai tour guide

UAE Profile: Nada Badran of Wander with Nada

Immersive tours that explore the cultural and historical sides of Dubai, this is what Nada Badran, a Dubai Tourism-licensed guide, offers in her tour company "Wander With" via WanderwithNada.com Nada has been in the UAE for...
uae bloggers what doesnt suck

UAE Bloggers: Jeff & Anne of What Doesn’t Suck?

Jeff and Anne are the travel couple and vloggers behind What Doesn't Suck?, a blog that highlights their adventures and videos in Dubai and beyond. This couple recently got married, quit their jobs and have...
mycustardpie uae blogger sally prosser

UAE Blogger: Sally Prosser of My Custard Pie

Our next UAE profile feature is with Sally Prosser, the blogger behind My Custard Pie. Her blog focuses on authentic travel and food stories and you will sense it right away when you visit...

UAE Blogger: Doc Gelo of Beyond Toxicity

Our next UAE profile feature is with Gelo, blogger behind DocGelo.com, where  he chronicles his experiences on travel and food. He has been an expat in Dubai for more than 4 years now, but...
taqato uae blogger featured

UAE Blogger: Mr. A of Taqato

Our next feature is with Mr. A, blogger of Taqato.com, where he writes reviews on food, movies, hotels, gadgets and lifestyle in Dubai and the UAE. He has collaborated with over hundreds of local and international...
uae blogger lindsey arabian notes

UAE Blogger: Lindsey Parry of Arabian Notes

Our next UAE profile feature is with Lindsey, the blogger behind Arabian Notes. Coming from the UK, Lindsey has been living in the UAE for more than a decade. She is based in Abu Dhabi...
david tapley uae blogger

UAE Blogger: David Tapley of Out & About UAE

So I've been thinking about introducing a new category in this site where I get to feature UAE bloggers, photographers, and other personalities so we can learn more about them, what they do, and...