42 Photos of the Beautiful Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

Walking along the grounds of Bab Al Shams, you will fancy the traditional set-up of the resort. You will feel transported to an Arabian landscape with courtyards, fountains, and stone alleys designed in a rustic style.

It reminds me of Al Bastakiya in Al Fahidi district in Old Dubai (I have yet to publish a photo walk series on that). The difference is that this area is more secluded because you are actually in the middle of the desert and away from the city!

This is the last blog among the series of posts that we will write about our experience in Bab Al Shams Resort (check rates) when we stayed there overnight. This is going to be just a bunch of pictures because we took plenty of them during our visit. I figured that since I took so many, I might as well publish them randomly in this post. Be warned that this article is photo-heavy.

Camera: Fujifilm X-E1 – 18-55mm 

Bab Al Shams Photowalk

I recommend that you go for a tour around the resort just to admire how this was built and why Bab Al Shams has many awards for best desert resort in the world.

It was nice to explore the pathways that led to various places of the hotel resort. There are some shots that are a miss and I wish we had more time in each spot, but we were there mostly to relax and I had too many pictures in my camera already to worry about wanting to have more pictures.

I need not worry about missing out on some snapshots, because we were there for a vacation and to relieve some stress. There will be a next time as we hope to visit the Al Hadheera restaurant dining experience one of these days.

By the way, here are the other posts we’ve written about the hotel resort.

Here are the some random photos taken using my Fujifilm X-E1 camera!

bab al shams photowalk

Bab Al Shams postcards

bed in bab al shams


bedroom bab al shams

side table

view from hotel room bab al shams

view from Room 138

bedroom in bab al shams dubai

king-sized bed!

bab al shams roominside the room

dubai bab al shams bathtub


bathroom in bab al shams resort


bathtub bab al shams

hot or cold?

lantern bab al shams

at the reception area

bab al shams lounge area

chairs – indoor courtyard

bab alshams desert hotel dubai

lounge area

bab al shams lantern

lantern in Ya Halla Bar

bab al shams photos

2nd floor

camel in bab al shams dubai

camel in front of Al Forsan restaurant

desert dubai bab al shams photowalk

a lamp

look up - bab al shams dubai

look up!

majlis in bab al shams desert hotel


bab al shams resort desert in dubai

passing through

bab al shams bonfire

majlis – bon fire at night

majlis bab alshams

lovely dipping your feet in the water?

majlis sitting area bab alshams resort

too hot at this hour

pool area bab al shams desert

pool – other side

giant chess board in bab al shamsa dubai

giant chess beside the pool area

al sarab view overlooking the dubai desert

Rooftop lounge – Al Sarab

infinity pool in bab al shams dubai

turning dark we were at the pool

swimming pool bab alshams

that’s the moon!

bab al shams at night

view from Al Sarab Rooftop lounge

al sarab lounge dubai night

lovely rooftop lounge

night shots in bab al shams dubai

the night in Bab Al Shams

alleys in bab al shams dubai

passing through

bab al shams courtyard

traditional set up

bab al shams resort desert dubaistairs

lounge reception bab al shams

waiting area outside

trees in the desert resort oasis


desert safari adventure dubai

desert safari trip

camel riding dubai

complimentary camel riding every 5m

bab al shams desert resort

morning walk

bab al shams oasis dubai

outsidethe resort – an oasis

tree outside bab al shams

beside the road

Dubai desert oasis resort

meydan resort bab al shams desert spa

Bab Al Shams!

Bab Al Shams is a property of Meydan Hotels.

How to Get There

Location is about an hour drive from the city. You can hire a taxi and pay approximately 150 Dirhams for the meter fare.

Contact Information

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa (check rates)
Telephone Number: +971 4 8096100
Fax Number: +971 4 8326698
Email: BAS.Reservations@meydanhotels.com
Website: meydanhotels.com/babalshams
Address: PO Box 8168 Al Qudra Road, Dubai, UAE

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