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All videos about Dubai. Some might be grabbed from YouTube. But all videos definitely celebrate Tourism in Dubai.

spirit of dubai videovideo

Video: Spirit of Dubai (HD)

Here's a video by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) team that showcases the beauty of the emirate. In line with...
gold souk in dubai photovideo

Video: Dubai City of Gold – Deira Gold Souk

The Gold Souk in Deira is one of the most visited attractions in Dubai. The emirate is known as the City of Gold and when...
base jumpers dubai marinavideo

Video: Dubai Marina Dream Jump Base Jumpers

The people from SkyDiveDubai and XDubai have teamed up with DreamJump in bringing professional base jumpers in the world for an extraordinary feat of...
honesty test dubai walletvideo

Video: How Honest are Dubai Residents?

How honest are the residents of Dubai? What would you do if you see someone drop their wallet? A social experiment by Trollstation answers...
dubai police cars fastestvideo

Dubai Police Cars: World’s Fastest Police Cars

One of the things that Dubai is known for to the world is being home to numerous super cars and luxury vehicles. The government,...

Dubai Flow Motion – Amazing Video by Rob Whitworth

A unique and amazing video of Dubai in Flow Motion. Watch this creation by Rob Whitworth and Dubai Film Production as it showcases a...